Duties and Responsibilities of Authors

Publication and Submission fee

There is no fee required from authors for manuscript submission.

Open Access Policy

The journal is an open access online as well as printed journal where authors are required to agree to the unconstrained access to all published articles. Users may copy and reproduce the material in printed or electronic format without further permission subject to appropriate credit given.

Reporting standards

Authors should present a precise account of the work performed with an objective discussion of its significance. Underlying data should be represented accurately in the paper. A paper should contain sufficient detail and references to permit others to reproduce the work. Fraudulent or purposeful inaccurate statements constitute unethical behaviour and are unacceptable. Review and professional publication articles should also be accurate and objective.

Data access and retention

The editorial body may call for raw data supporting an article at any time pre or post publication, which will be accessible to public at large if practicable.

Originality and plagiarism

The author has to ensure that the manuscript is an original work and appropriate citations are incorporated where necessary. Plagiarism in all its forms and meaning comes under the purview of s unethical publishing behaviour and is condemned.

Multiple, redundant or concurrent publication

  • An author should not in general publish manuscripts essentially of the same research in more than one journal.
  • An author should not submit the same manuscripts simultaneously in more than one journal.
  • An author should not submit for consideration in another journal an already published paper.

All of the above constitute unethical publishing behaviour.

The authors retain the copyright and eventual republication, if decided, of their text. The must cite the primary reference in the secondary publication.

Acknowledgement of sources

Authors should appropriately cite publications that have been instrumental in determining the nature of the work submitted. Information, which are primarily obtained from conversation, correspondence, or dialogue, must not be published without explicit, written consent of the third party.

Authorship of the paper

In case of manuscripts with multiple authors, it is assumed that all co authors have made significant contributions and have approved the manuscript for submission for publication. Persons making noteworthy contributions in framing the paper should be acknowledged or listed as contributors.

Disclosure and conflicts of interest

Authors should disclose the source of funding, if any, for the research, resulting in the manuscript submitted. Probable conflicts of interest should be disclosed at the earliest stage possible.

Fundamental errors in published works

An author on identification of an error in manuscript or published paper should notify the editor and subsequent correction of the error has to be incorporated by the author. If the editor is informed by a third party that a published work contains a significant error, it is the responsibility of the author to correct the paper or substantiate the correctness of the original paper to the editor.

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